1. "The Robin Gallery…had no physical location so it simply advertised its existence…Stolen Calder mobiles and Oldenburg pastries were said to be on "loan" to the Robin. When Ray Johnson was quarantined in Bellevue with hepatitis, his good friend and lifelong admirer Andy Warhol advertised the occasion as a Robin Gallery event. The Robin’s name was a pun on the former Reuben Gallery, the birthplace of happenings. The Robin put happenings out on the street in a series of irresponsible exploits and escapades. The Robin’s intent was not to bridge the gap between life and art. It simply ignored the demands of either…

    The closing of an imaginary gallery is especially sad because its contribution is wholly spiritual, unencumbered by the presence of material art.”

    -David Bourdon, The Village Voice, April 8 1965

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