1. In 1973, Ray Johnson really wanted to mail a spider to Toby Spiselman.

  2. Ray Johnson modified this portrait of Meriwether Lewis with a layered silhouette cutout.

  3. c86:

    Ray Johnson at MoMA

    2 July - 29 September, 2014

  4. Ray Johnson considering a purchase.

  5. Untitled (Dust) by Ray Johnson, undated.

  6. A collage by Ray Johnson on the inside cover of a book.

  7. "Ray Johnson: Artist as Archivist" by Gillian Pistell is now up in Columbia University’s online journal Interventions. Read it here.

  8. Untitled (Piithecanthropus Poet) by Ray Johnson, 1993.

  9. Happy Independence Day from the Ray Johnson Estate.

  10. momalibrary:

    Installing our new exhibition - Ray Johnson Designs. Website here: http://www.moma.org/interactives/exhibitions/2014/rayjohnson/ -ds


  11. The website for the momalibrary show Ray Johnson Designs is now live. The show opens tomorrow and runs through September 29.

  12. In honor of yesterday’s release of Siglio Press’s reprint of The Paper Snake, a letter from Dick Higgins to Ray Johnson giving some insight into the book’s making.


  13. The Siglio Press reprint of Ray Johnson’s The Paper Snake comes out today, June 30. It is a limited edition, so make sure to order your copy before they sell out.

  14. Untitled (Seriously Da) by Ray Johnson

  15. Another Look at Detroit opens tomorrow and includes work by Ray Johnson. Read all about it in the New York Times.