1. Ray Johnson sure enjoyed fall weather.

  2. karmakarmanyc:

    Ray Johnson

    Installation views

  3. Please join us tomorrow evening from 5-7pm for the opening reception of Ray Johnson and Friends: Exhibition Posters and Ephemera from the Collections of William Wilson and the Ray Johnson Estate at Printed Matter.

    The show is a selection of rare posters and ephemera from the late 1950’s to the early 1980’s. The exhibit will run from Wednesday, October 15th through Saturday November 15th.

    The exhibition includes a number of Ray Johnson exhibition posters from the 1960’s and 1970’s. In addition, there is an eclectic selection of the posters and ephemera of Johnson’s contemporaries, many of them close friends and collaborators, including Allan Kaprow, Roy Lichtenstein, Claes Oldenburg, Nam June Paik, Larry Poons, Robert Rauschenberg, Ad Reinhardt, Bridget Riley, Robert Smithson, and Ben Vautier.

    For more information, visit Printed Matter’s website.

  4. avantmedia:

    Ray Johnson’s flyer for an evening of dances by Yvonne Rainer and Fred Herko, March 1962, including Herko’s Edge: A Work for Dancers and Actors, danced by Trisha Brown, Valda Setterfield and Gus Solomons Jr and with music by Peter Hartman.

    We celebrate the work of Peter Harman 10/26 in our First Tangents concert, where Gus Solomons Jr. will also be dancing a work by Jackson Mac Low

  5. Our exhibition Ray Johnson’s Art World opens in three weeks. Read more on our website here. The show will include both collages and selections from our archive such as the piece above.



    This piece is reproduced in Karma’s new book, which accompanies their exhibition Ray Johnson, open through November 1st.

  7. Clement Greenberg’s underwear by Ray Johnson.

  8. karmakarmanyc:

    Ray Johnson

    Opening reception Tuesday, October 7. 6–8pm

    October 7 – November 1, 2014

    Press release

    Please join us at the opening tonight.

  9. "Early Collage by Ray Johnson" featuring one of Johnson’s silhouette drawings.

  10. For our friends and fans in Berlin, Ray Johnson is included in the current exhibition at Blain|Southern Sed Tantum Dic Verbo (Just Say the Word). The group exhibition was conceived and curated by the American writer and editor Glenn O’Brien. The exhibition examines the use of words in art and brings together artists from the 1960s to the present day who all have/had a strong relationship to the curator. The show is open now and runs until December 20.

    For more information, visit Blain|Southern here.

  11. karmakarmanyc:

    Ray Johnson
    Karma, New York, 2014
    296 pages
    9.5 x 12 inches

    $30 Preorder

    $45 Retail

    The Karma exhibition is accompanied by a book drawn from the Estate’s holdings.

  12. contemporaryobsessions:

    Ray Johnson
    Opening reception Tuesday, October 7. 6–8pm
    October 7 – November 1, 2014

    Karma is pleased to present an exhibition of previously unseen work by Ray Johnson (1927–1995).

    American popular culture and the environment of the “art world,” combined with a sly use of puns, codes, inside jokes and signature wit mixed with piercing perceptiveness, comprise the frame for much of Johnson’s work. Using his own brand of semantic structure, Johnson creates complex and multi-layered portraits—of himself and of other subjects.

    A comprehensive publication will be released in conjunction with the exhibition, which includes 296 color illustrations of collages, drawings, interventions and other ephemera.

    This exhibition is presented in cooperation with the Ray Johnson Estate, Richard L. Feigen & Co., and Jay Gorney.

  13. Take a chance.

  14. This letter from Johnson to Lustig from around 1947 [above]…was no ordinary letter from Johnson. Letters he wrote to his parents used the same meticulous pencil handwriting, but in this letter to Lustig, Johnson includes the first sentence “Reptiles on the path in the snow.” This statement provides an idea for the multi-colored lines printed on the paper that Johnson wrote between…The reader is left to imagine the reptiles that made these paths, the ways they moved, and to reconcile an unlikely occurrence due to their cold-blooded nature…

    Lustig, Albers, and Johnson were all great synthesizers whose commitment to their art and the fostering perception in others helped “close the gap between art and society” and today each of their contributions to Art are indeed held in high esteem.”

    Ray Johnson Designs may be over, but you can still enjoy insights into Ray Johnson’s design work in this article by Julie J. Thomson: "The Art of Graphic Design: Lustig, Albers, Johnson and the 1945 Summer Session," Journal of Black Mountain College Studies 6 (Summer 2014).

  15. A particularly curvaceous snake cut-out by Ray Johnson.