1. A self-portrait by Ray Johnson from one of his high school sketchbooks, c. 1942-44.


  2. In honor of the recent releases of The Paper Snake and Not Nothing, Siglio Press has created a blog series titled “Ray Johnson: Affinities,” featuring further insights from the Estate archive.


  3. "it seems apparent that if one seeks to diagram the space between, for instance, Black Mountain College and the Factory—or, say, between the New York School and the art of social practice—that is, if one wants to consider how we got from 1954 to 2014 in thinking about word, image, audience, popular culture, the recycling of history, and the artist’s role as creator of coterie—then one could draw a Johnson bunny as a hub."


  4. Not Nothing: Selected Writings, 1954-1994 comes out today from Siglio Press, featuring hundreds of images of materials in the Ray Johnson Estate archive. The introductory essay by editor Elizabeth Zuba is a must-read. Order your copy today.

  5. A tiny collage of Ava Gardner’s house by Ray Johnson.

  6. In 1973, Ray Johnson really wanted to mail a spider to Toby Spiselman.

  7. Ray Johnson modified this portrait of Meriwether Lewis with a layered silhouette cutout.

  8. c86:

    Ray Johnson at MoMA

    2 July - 29 September, 2014

  9. Ray Johnson considering a purchase.

  10. Untitled (Dust) by Ray Johnson, undated.

  11. A collage by Ray Johnson on the inside cover of a book.

  12. "Ray Johnson: Artist as Archivist" by Gillian Pistell is now up in Columbia University’s online journal Interventions. Read it here.

  13. Untitled (Piithecanthropus Poet) by Ray Johnson, 1993.

  14. Happy Independence Day from the Ray Johnson Estate.

  15. momalibrary:

    Installing our new exhibition - Ray Johnson Designs. Website here: http://www.moma.org/interactives/exhibitions/2014/rayjohnson/ -ds